4°is well known for specializing in development, production and marketing of soda maker.
4°products is very well received in various countries such as the USA, Germany, Korea and Japan. We sincerely invite you to join us in
the journey of fun drinks. Let us show you a different world of drinks. All of us should be able to enjoy the fun of making your own drink!
For a friendly environment, 4° soda maker helps to reduce the use of plastic bottles and avoids carrying heavy bottles home. But most
importantly, you can enjoy the fun and creativity in making all kinds of DIY drinks.
We never end to bring something different to the end users, not the me-too product. Our key competence is to deliver efficient and
effective technical solution, with fun and creative ideas. Our patented A.C. Tech enables users to use soda maker in a safer and more
convenient way. In addition, the user can inject CO2 into any mix drinks including tea, cocktail and other fruit drinks.